Context Matters

With all diets, training programs and special exercises. Context matters.

Don't let context be the reason why you aren't successful


Meet Eric

He has a body composition that many people are after.

Abs and muscles or at least to be leaner / more toned.

He basically has this physique or close to it all year round.

He lifts heavy and trains 5 days a week.

Now when you hear this it's likely that the first thing you think is - Well that's what i have to do RIGHT NOW to be successful.


But... Context Matters.

He's consistently trained for over 10 years which has allowed him to develop a foundation of strength that allows him to lift heavy, regularly.
His lifestyle is conducive to being active, in that he goes on hikes almost weekly and being active for him is almost never a chore
He's generally not a stressed dude, and
He has no hang ups on food or craves indulgences, so he doens't have to use 'will power' to portion control or not binge.
This is just his lifestyle

Now why does this all matter?


The best nutrition plan and training programs are the ones YOU can adhere to with your lifestyle and build upon.

Training 5 days is an appropriate plan that suits his lifestyle.

Why are we telling you this?

If your lifestyle doesn't currently align with training 5 days a week or your 7am - 7pm job + commute means you can't cook the meals on your recently purchased meal plan then feeling bad because you could only get 3 sessions each week or had to grab a takeaway meal last night is just going to dishearten you.

That 6 week nutrition challenge and 7 days per week trianing plan may get you the results, but is your lifestyle conducive to following and maintaining it in 5 years? How about in the next year? How about  1 week after the challenge or plan finishes?

Maybe. It's probably a question you might want to really consider.

and because 3 minute abs is nothing but a marketing ploy

So how do I achieve my goals then?


Find what your the easiest next step forward for you is towards a healthier lifestyle and OWN THAT.

Now you absolutely still have to put in work and make changes.

But consider any plan in context to YOU.

Be honest with yourself.

For example it might only be to eat clean 3 days a week instead of 7. But own the shit out of those three days and when that is second nature for you, make it a goal to eat 4 days, then 5 days and so on...

and pat yourself on the back every week you tick that off. 

So before you jump in to the next fad or craze

Remember context matters.

Behind every latest diet, specialised training program and even to the science backed reserch -

The context matters.



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