Do you really need to be crushed after every workout?

Red faced, heart pumping, sweat dripping off every inch of your body, laying on the floor gasping for air, only to be left unable to do anything else for the rest of the day because your coach “ruined” you. 

You probably know the feeling and so many of us have been conditioned to think that getting crushed like that every single day is the fastest way to results when in reality it is more likely the fastest way to injury. ⠀

The thought process⠀

“Well the athletes I observe and the elite instagrammers are always crushing themselves, so that’s what I must do in order to be like them”


“I feel like I did something during that session because I couldn’t breath after it or I was sweat profusely”

Unfortunately there are also personal trainers and coaches out there promoting this lie of constant high intensity because it sells, consumers feel like they’ve “done something” when they are all sweaty after the session and for a few of them they think its appealing watching people collapse on the floor every day.   ⠀

Newsflash: Sweaty and tired doesn’t equal progress - you can stand in the sun and sweat and you haven’t lost any body fat or gotten any stronger.⠀

You need to understand that these athletes have years under their belts developing their ability to handle HARD, HEAVY and FAST often. ⠀

It’s likely the average person has spent the better part of their life enjoying it and then discovered that the addition of fitness can help you enjoy your life more. They haven’t yet developed the skills and adaptations to perform in the same way as athletes. ⠀

Remember that the goal of the athlete is to push the boundary of their potential to win at all costs. Yours is more likely to be better than you were yesterday, be confident in what you see in the mirror and 

Did you know that you can also work super hard in the gym, fatigue your muscles for all the gains and still be left standing? 

Did you know that constant muscle soreness and aches from the gym isn’t always a good sign?  

What exactly are you going to win by crushing yourself day in and day out? 

What exactly is the coach who is crushing you hoping to achieve in doing so?

Yeah you got tired and sweaty but It’s hard to crush life when you are injured and broken. What is life is your days are spent always trying to recover before you go back and crush yourself again the next day?

Yes - work hard, put the best effort into all your sessions - but do it with real intent and know the desired outcome and whether your actions are truly going to lead you there. 

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