Keep Nutrition Simple

Nutrition can be simple. We just tend to make it hard.


Should I be avoiding bread?

What should my cals be?


Should I go Keto? What about Vegan?

I heard I should avoid carbs after 5pm.

I feel like fasting would work best for me.

We tend to over complicate things - because fancy works all the time and forever, right?

When this (pictured) is what you should be striving for more often then not.

1. Good portion of protein and
2. A ton of veggies
3. Chew through your food uninterrupted and mindfully.

Now, this doesn't have to be every meal (except number 3) and it doesn't mean cutting everything else out.

It's just what you should be striving for more often then not or at least more than you are now. Note: the only exception to this would be elite athletes.

The non starch veggies will cover your micro-nutrients to keep your body working smoothly and optimally, good starches will cover your carbs, for energy, fats can come from cooking oil used and from the meat  and protein will aid in repairing the cells and muscles.

If you want your breads, pasta and ice creams and chocolate occasionally, no problem.

How often is more often than not?

More than you are doing now.
If you are eating no meals like this , then one a week is a win.
If you are eating 10 meals a week like this already, then shoot for 11.

How about over-eating?

The mindful chewing will get you on your way by allowing your body to tell you when you are full. You just need to listen to it.

Need to find recipes?

A google search can bring up a ton of recipes. Just search for "meat and veg" and you'll  find a whole bunch of them

So don't overcomplicate it.

Do that for 3 months, then aim to add an extra meal.

Rinse, repeat until you find a nice rhythm that you can stick to for life.




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