Look for a COACH, not a GYM

Gyms are a dime a dozen, but a great coach is a one in a million. Find out why you should be looking for a COACH instead of a GYM.

Are you on the hunt for a new gym and shopping around? ⁠

If you’re looking for a gym, are you dazzled by their fancy equipment and perfectly edited Instagram posts?

How many times have you changed gyms?

Perhaps looking for a gym is where you are going wrong to begin with. 

All that equipment in the gym is irrelevant if it’s not conducive to you and your goals or you don’t know how to use it effectively and the perfect Instagram images don’t listen to you, write a program specific to you or adequately represent real life. 

If you are ready to change up your fitness, then try looking for coaches instead. Look for people in the industry who know what you don't. People who've been where you are. People who know the struggles you're having and can show you how to get past them. ⁠ People who can adapt and develop training, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that are suited to you. People that you can connect with and build a trusting yet professional relationship with.

* Here are some good questions to ask:⁠

* Who's got the skills you need?⁠

* Who gives you the feeling that they 'get' you?⁠

* Who will motivate you when you're feeling low?⁠

* Who will keep you accountable when you're falling off the wagon?⁠

* Who's going to care the most about you, in and out of the gym?⁠

* Who can work with you step by step rather than make you overhaul your life in one go?

* Who is taking the time to listen and hear you?

These questions might be a little harder to answer, but they are crucial to your success. ⁠

By asking the above questions you are changing the focus and thus changing the outcome of your results in the gym. You’re no longer looking for a gym and now you're looking for knowledge, motivation, accountability, a real expert to guide you from where you are to where you need to be. ⁠You’re looking for something greater, something deeper and greater than the superficial surface stuff.

Ask those questions before you sign up to the next gym and you'll find that you’re much more likely to reach your goals. Of course, you can continue to chase gyms and hop from one program to the next, and who knows if you'll ever see results.  Guess what? Some of the most successful ‘gyms’ are back alley garages with 20-year-old rusted equipment!

If you’re ready to start asking the questions than it is time to ask them. Our Western Sydney gym has a team of qualified professionals with different skillsets that are suited to different individuals. Together we will work out if we have the right coach for you. 


Trevor De Souza

Dedicated coach who loves teaching people like you how to put on slabs of lean muscle and feel confident with your newfound #gains

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