Guidance in all aspects of health and fitness

We understand you have your own individual goals. So why should you be doing someone else’s training program? Or follow a nutrition protocol that fits someone else’s lifestyle?

With the guidance of a coach that cares, you can be training, eating and living the way that best suits you.

The HYBRID way

Becoming your fittest, strongest self at Hybrid Strength

1. Consultation

This is a pressure-free way to see if we are what you’re searching for. We’ll talk about your goals, experience, lifestyle and most importantly what you want to achieve. We’ll help you set some smart goals with a deadline to achieve them.

2. Assessment

We need to know where you’re at so we can take you where you want to go. We go deep to figure out your current physical ability, movement patterns, strengths and weaknesses to create an unparalleled training experience.

Our coaches sweat the details and dwell on the small stuff. Decades of experience have taught us that the small details can make a big difference, and we’re all about making a BIG impact on your health and fitness.

3. Training at HYBRID Strength

After the assessment, your coach will develop a training, nutrition and lifestyle plan specifically designd to achieve your goals.

Whenever you hit the gym floor you’ll train under the watchful eye of an expert coach, who will make sure you’re moving with great form and getting the most out of your workout. Outside of the gym, your coach will help you overcome any lifestyle or nutrition barriers you have, to ensure that your progress doesn’t stop when life gets busy.

4. Your plan evolves with you

We know the journey isn’t a straight path. Life happens, goals change and routines need to be adjusted. We hold you accountable to your goals, but we also adjust your program as life inevitably ebbs and flows.

Every 4 weeks you’ll sit down with your coach to catch up, review the previous month’s training and refine your program for the month to come. It’s training designed for your life.

Are you ready to become your most capable self?


Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.


Loving every single session

I came to Hybrid Strength because I had a knee injury that stopped me from doing the things I loved, like running and cycling. Coach Trev helped me train around the injury, and strengthen my body to help me recover. My workouts are challenging and motivating, and I feel stronger and more powerful every time I train. I'm back to running and riding pain-free, and I can't thank the Hyrbid Strength team enough. This is the best place I've ever trained, no question.


Always learning and growing

Training for me has always been about gaining new skills and being challenged to continue to become fitter and healthier. My workouts are individualised to my goals and that always keeps it interesting and exciting. I enjoy having the support of the coaches as you train - always ensuring movements are executed correctly. The fun and loving community are a bonus! I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.


Way more than I expected from a gym

I love coming here because I'm working on my goals, but I'm doing it with friends and people who motivate me. The coaches are super caring and supportive, and the vibe is really fun. It's honestly more than I expected from a gym.

Coaching that’s focused completely on you. No templates, no generic workouts, no fad diets.

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